Month: May 2019


What are the subunits of microtubules? Tubulin proteins A microtubule is more rapidly polymerized (or depolymerized) at the plus end Which cytoskeletal elements are responsible […]


Which of the following is true about scientific knowledge? e. scientific knowledge is not absolute, because the possibility is always held open that the new […]


The market system is an economic system that: Produces more consumer goods than capital goods Laissez-faire capitalism limits the government’s economic functions to the following, […]

History Chapter 9

dynamo a machine that generates electricity Wright brothers American bicycle makers who designed and flew the first airplanes Alfred Nobel a Swedish chemist who invented […]

chapter 8:gender

a statistical technique called “individual fixed effects” is sometimes used in the social sciences. this technique involves: a. comparing a particular outcome across time as […]


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