For his computer center, they took closet space Essay

Halving a room-wide closet in this boy’s bedroom gave enough
space for bookshelves, storage drawers, a work surface, and a place for
a computer. Yet there’s still room for a good-size closet.

The new closet measures 66 inches wide and 82 inches high. Instead
of the usual stud framing, only a top, side, and doors were needed. The
top rests on the side piece and 1-by-4 ledgers on two walls.

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The L-shaped work surface angles across the corner, making a
seating area and a space deep enough for the computer keyboard and
monitor. The monitor sits on a triangular stand with room underneath to
slide the keyboard out of the way.

The remodel was designed by Barbara Shoop and Philip Emminger, both
of Lafayette, California.


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