Instead of a rainy dash to the car Essay

The mad dash in a downpour from garage to house ended for Gina and
Joe Alexander when they built the eave extension that covers the walkway
between two buildings. Built out from the 2-foot-wide overhang that
existed along the house, the addition widened overhead protection to 54

The extension starts under the existing eaves and has a flat
overhead section with an angled skirt (like a mansard roof) facing the
driveway. The flat section, made of ribbed acrylated fiberglass panels
and 2-by-6 joists, rests on a double 2-by-6 beam. To support the
mansard section, angled pairs of 2-by-6s flank the joists. Plywood and
shingles cover the skirt, and a 1-by-6 covers the end of the joists.

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