It holds palms, books and stereo Essay

These stairs aren’t for people; they’re for plants, books,
and a stereo system. Salt Lake City architects Stanley Hallet and
Robert Hermanson designed the sculptural wall as a storng visual link
between the living room and an upstairs balcony of this house in Park
City, Utah. It echoes the real stairway on the opposite wall.

The 4- by 12- by 12-foot structure is framed with 2-by-4s and
covered with white-painted gypsum board. The 2- by 4- foot platforms
rise 14 inches a step. Stereo components fill a cabinet at the low end
of the structure.

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Four pairs of niches step up the side of the wall; baseboard heaters are below. Clerestory windows ring the room, providing plenty
of light for the plants.


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