Snap-on foam-and-canvas shutters insulate skylight Essay

Snap-on foam-and-canvas shutters insulate skylights

Skylights were the logical way to light new attic bedrooms in Phil
Sherburne’s renovated farmhouse on Decatur Island, Washington. But
the slanting panels were hard to shade, and the glass let in too much
heat in summer, let out too much in winter. To solve the problem, he
built these snap-on insulating “curtains.’

Fade-resistant canvas fabric covers 3-inch rigid foam insulation
cut to the size of the skylight openings. The room-facing side of the
slipcover has a 1-inch border fitted with snaps, spaced about 8 inches
apart. The other halves of the snaps are mounted around the window

The panels fit securely inside the window frame, and the snaps make
sure they stay put.