This counter ends in a 5-foot circle Essay

A place to congregate in the kitchen was important to this Seattle
family, but there was little extra floor space for a table and chairs.
Designer Paul Von Rosenstiel extended a counter to 10 feet, including a
5-foot-diameter top at one end. The 3-foot-high counter is wide enough
to store bar stools underneath.

Von Rosenstiel cut the rigid countertop from two layers of 3/4-inch
plywood, nailed and glued together. The round sits slightly off center
at the end of a 26-inch-wide, 5-foot-long rectangle. Where the two
shapes merge, he cut the plywood into a gentle curve, extending the
straight line of the counter on the working side. Plastic laminate gives a sleek surface.

The cabinet’s back angles out to support the extension without
loss of leg room. The owner-built project cost less than $200.