Two views of lotusland at the Oakland Museum Essay

Two views of Lotusland at The Oakland Museum

In The Oakland Museum’s newly renovated galleries, you can get
a look at California from two perspectives. The natural sciences
gallery offers a view of the state’s ecology, beginning with a
filmed flyover. Then you walk past dioramas showing the eight major
plant and animal life zones found here, from the beach to the Great

The new “California Dream’ exhibition tells of varied
life styles, from the good life in suburbia to back-country farms.
Hundreds of photographs and artifacts, from Dorothea Lange
Depression-era photographs to early surfboards, show the disparity.
It’s in the 20th-century section of the Cowell Hall of California

The museum, at 10th and Oak streets, is open, free, Wednesdays
through Saturdays from 10 to 5, Sundays noon to 7.