U.S. direct investment abroad: country detail for selected items, 1977-83 (illustration) – Free Online Library Essay

U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Country Detail for Selected Items,

The following table contains BEA’s latest estimates of
selected data items for 1977-83 for every country in which there was
U.S. direct investment.1 The article “U.S. Direct Investment
Abroad in 1983,’ which appeared in the August 1984 issue of the
SURVEY, included estimates for 1982-83 in less detail by country but
cross-classified by industry. Comparable country-by-industry estimates
for years before 1982 may be found in the annual direct investment
articles that appeared in prior August issues of the SURVEY.

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1. U.S. direct investment abroad is the ownership or control,
directly or indirectly, by one U.S. person of 10 percent or more of the
voting securities of an incorporated foreign business enterprise or an
equivalent interest in an unincorporated foreign business enterprise.

Table: 1.–U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Country Detail for
Selected Items


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