You can switch the lamp bases Essay

The metal figurine from your grandfather’s library, the sake jug
you lugged back from Kyoto, the fragile wooden santos you picked up in
Manila–each might make an excellent lamp base. But what about a fresh
flower arrnagement,a potted geranium in full bloom, a colorful squash
you couldn’t resist at the market? With a bare-bones lamp like the
one shown here, you can interchange them all without rewiring or

Using a piece of walnut and simple parts, Seattle furniture
designer Brian Gregory crated this lamp with four similarly sized
objects in mind. He cut an inch-thick piece of walnut into a teardrop
shape, then routed out a shallow 5-inch-diameter depression to hold each
ojbect. Rising from the narrow end, a hollow brass rod supports the
socket and harp. All parts are standard materials available at a
lighting fixture store.